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Urbania Cab Services In Kashmir

Kashmir, a paradise on Earth,Invites travelers with its breathtaking landscapes and cultural heritage.Urbania cab services boasts a team of seasoned local drivers who know the intricate pathways and hidden gems of Kashmir.Their knowledge ensures that you not only reach your destination but also uncover lesser-known gems along your way.KashmireX provides you with the high end Urbania cabs to make your journey more comfortable and easy.From compact cars for solo adventures to spacious SUVS for family escapades.Kashmir offers a diverse range of Urbania vehicles to every traveler's needs.

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Book Urbania Cab Services In Kashmir

Book your Urbania services with Kashmir as the unpredictable charm of Kashmir often inspires spontaneous adventures.With Urbania cab services,you have the freedom to explore at any hour.We are available 24/7 and we ensure you to experience the magic of sunrise at Dal Lake or the phenomenon of Gulmarg.Urbania cab services prioritize your well-being with rigorous safety measures,ensuring a secure and worry-free exploration of Kashmir’s wonders.Book your services with us ,Visit (www.kashmirex.in ) or call us on +918082109970.

How To Book Ubrania Cab Services In Kashmir

Booking Urbania cab services in Kashmir has been easy and hassle free,follow these steps:

  • Visit our website (www.kashmirex.in )
  • Fill up your details 
  • Enter the Date and Time 
  • Enter the pickup and drop off location 
  • Book the vehicle and make the payment 
  • Get the receipt 

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Urbania Cab For Kashmir Tour

Book Urbania cabs for your Kashmir tour ,enjoy a serene shikara ride at sunrise or sunset,capturing the essence of Dal Lake and its beauty.Urbania drivers can guide you to the best view points and less crowded areas for an intimate experience.Enjoy a thrilling adventure with a cable car ride to Apharwat peak,offering panoramic views of the snow-capped Himalayas and astounding landscapes.Explore the famous Mughal gardens such as Shalimar Bagh,Nishat Bagh ,Harwan Bagh and Pari mahal as well with local drivers.Get involved in the meadows and pine forests of Pahalgam,known for its scenic beauty and outdoor activities.

Jammu To Srinagar Urbania Traveller Fare

Journeying from jammu to Srinagar is a poetic exploration of diverse Landscapes,and the choice of Transportation can elevate this experience.Travel through the picturesque route from the bustling city of Jammu to the enchanting valley’s of Srinagar.Just delve yourself into the beauty of Jammu and Kashmir,KashmireX prides itself on  providing such a vehicle like Urbania and ensures a comfortable and stylish journey through the scenic regions of jammu and Kashmir.The fare from Jammu to Srinagar Urbania depends upon the type of Urbania you want and at what time you want it.

Hire Urbania Cab In Kashmir

Hire your Urbania services with KashmireX to make your journey more seamless and professional.Enjoy the landscapes without any worries,as Urbania’s drivers prioritize safety and customer satisfaction.Craft your journey to your preferences with our Urbaia cab services.To hire your Urbania cab services with us, Call on +918082109970 or visit our website (www.KashmireX.in ).

We take you through the breathtaking landscapes of Patnitop,where lush meadows and dense forests create a captivating visual symphony.

Cost Of Urbania Traveller In Kashmir

Urbania CabsRates
10 seater Urbania Traveller6500 INR
14 seater Urbania Traveller7200 INR
12 Seater Urbania Traveller6900 INR
17 seater urbania Traveller8000 INR

How To Book Urbania In Kashmir

Urbania traveler takes you through the breathtaking landscapes of Kashmir valley,where lush meadows and dense forests create a captivating visual symphony.En route to Kashmir,Urbania traveler guides you to the rejuvenating springs,Gardens,Breathtaking regions and historical places.Urbania traveler ensures you don’t miss the cultural richness embedded in the Kashmir valley.To book your  Urbania cab services with KashmireX (www.kashmirex.in ) or call us on +918082109970.Our customer service executives will always be available for you 24/7.Enjoy your journey of Kashmir with KashmireX to make your journey amazing and astounding.

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Hire Urbania Cab In Srinagar

In the heart of the picturesque Srinagar,where every corner unveils a story and every place is  a masterpiece,navigating the city’s treasures becomes an art.Elevate your exploration with the sophistication and convenience offered by Urbania cab services.Hire our Urbania cab services in Srinagar with KashmireX to unravel the charm of Srinagar effortlessly as you explore the journey guided by professionalism ,comfort and local expertise.Book now by calling us on +918082109970 or by visiting us on (www.kashmirex.in ).

Best Tempo Services In Kashmir


 KashmireX’s Urbania cab services  in Kashmir is more than just transportation,it is just a curated experience that is led by local drivers and experts.Indulgde yourself in the cultural richness of Srinagar as our drivers share insights into the history ,traditions and hidden gems that make the valley amazing and enchanting.Kashmir’s allure extends beyond daylight hours,and our Urbania cab services ensure you can explore Kashmir  anytime.From the vibrant places to experience the city’s magic as well as iconic regions.Book our Best Urbania  cab services at the most affordable prices.Book now by contacting us on +918082109970.

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Srinagar To Gulmarg Urbania Service

Explore the iconic Dal Lake in Srinagar and start your journey to Gulmarg with KashmireX’s Urbania cab services Urbania  tempo  starts from 6000 from Srinagar to Gulmarg.The journey from Srinagar to Gulmarg unveils a mesmerizing landscape that seems straight out of fairytale.Elevate this expedition with our Urbania cab services.We make you experience the enchanting route from Srinagar to the alpine heaven of Gulmarg,where every turn is a revelation and every moment is an nature’s splendor.Book your Urbania cab services from Srinagar to Gulmarg with KashmireX by calling us on +918082109970.

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Contact Number Of Urbania Traveller

Urbania cab services in Kashmir is not just a transportation option,it is your key to unlocking the treasures of this heavenly region.If you are an adventure lover and you have your family and friends with you then our Urbania cab  services would be perfect for you.Let our Urbania be your guide through the mesmerizing landscapes of Kashmir.Experience the charm ,and let your  journey become as memorable as the destination.Contact us on +918082109970 or visit our website (www.kashmirex.in ).

Srinagar To Pahalgam Urbania Services

Enjoy the enchanting city of Srinagar to the serene haven of Pahalgam with the seamless travel experience offered by KashmireX Urbania cab services.We provide you with the best cab services to make your journey more comfortable and peaceful.Get in contact with us to book your services as soon as possible for the best discounts.Contact  us on +918082109970 or visit us (www.kashmirex.in )

Types Of Urbania Traveller
Urbania CabsRates
10 Seater Urbania Traveller6500 INR
12 Seater Urbania Traveller6900 INR
14 seater urbania Traveller7200 INR
17 Seater Urbania Traveller8000 INR
Pre Book Urbania Traveller For Kashmir Tour

To ensure a seamless and enchanting experience,consider pre-booking your tour with KashmireX’s Urbania traveler.contact us on +918082109970.Booking your Kashmir tour with Urbania Traveller and KashmireX is a straightforward process.Just visit our website (www.kashmirex.in ).

Can I Pre Book Urbania Cab In Kashmir

You can easily pre book your Urbania cab services in Kashmir by just giving us a call on +918082109970 or by visiting us on (www.kashmirex.in ).


Why Choose KashmireX For Urbania Cab Service Booking?

  • 24/7 Availablity 
  • Best services
  • Happy Clients 
  • Expertise 
  • Crafted  Packages
  • Seamless pre booking process
  • Diverse Cabs
  • Quality Accomidations

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Book Urbania cab services In Kashmir

You can easily book Urbania cab services in kashmir by calling us on+918082109970 or by visiting our website (www.kashmirex.in).

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Urbania cabs In Kashmir Booking Contact

Urbania cabs in Kashmir can be contacted at +918082109970 Government approved pricing is applicable.

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The  charges of Urbania traveller in Srinagar is 5000 INR depends upon what typeof Urbania you want.

The per day charges from Srinagarto Gulmarg of Urbania Tempo Traveller is 6000 INR.

To book Urbania tempo travller in Srinagar ,you need to visit (www.kashmireX.in ).

The starting price of Urbania cab services in Kashmir is almost 5000 INR per day.

Yes,ofcourse you can easily book Urbania cab services in Kashmir by visiting us on (www.kashmirex.in ).

The 10 seater urbania traveller costs around 6000 INR perday.

The 12 seater Urbania traveller costs around 7000 INR per day.

The 17 seater uarbania traveller in Kashmir costs around 8000 INR per day.

The cost of taxi from Dal lake to Pahalgam is around 3500 INR.

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