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Zoom car in Srinagar

Zoom car In Srinagar

Zoom car services in Srinagar is now available with KashmireX. KashmireX is a leading brand of Zoom car rental services in Srinagar.Explore a hassle free journey in Srinagar with our zoom car services that are suited for everyone's preferences and group sizes.Zoom car in Srinagar provides the flexibility to customize your itinerary,allowing you to visit the most amazing landscapes of Kashmir as well as the most iconic attractions like Dal lake,Nishat Garden,Shalimar Garden.

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Rent A Zoom Car In Srinagar

Rent a car in Zoom car in Srinagar with KashmireX’s Zoom car rental services.We provide well-maintained zoom cars that ensures a comfortable and safe journey,enabling you to focus on the mesmerizing beauty of Srinagar.

To rent a Zoom car in Kashmir Visit (www.kashmirex.com ) or call us directly on +918082109970.

How To Book A Zoom Car In Srinagar

Booking Zoom car in Srinagar can be a bit tiring however you can easily book a car in Srinagar by  following these steps below:

  • Visit (www.kashmirex.com
  • Enter your name and details 
  • Enter your pickup and drop off location 
  • Choose your type of Vehicle 
  • Book your vehicle 
  • Make the payment 
  • Get the receipt 

For direct bookings call us on ,+918082109970.

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Self Drive Cars In Srinagar

Self driving cars in Srinagar are transforming the way locals and tourists experience the beauty of this paradise on earth.For people who want to have a freedom of enjoying the journey in Srinagar in their own way ,self drive cars are best for them to visit the astounding places in Srinagar.Srinagar has witnessed a technological revolution,with self driving cars becoming increasingly prevalent on its roads.Book Self drive cars with KashmireX as it allows tourists to explore the picturesque landscapes of Srinagar at their own pace.Call us now +918082109970.

Documents Required For Zoom Car In Srinagar

You don’t need that much documents to book a zoom car in Srinagar,here are the few documents that you require to book a zoom car in Srinagar:

  • A valid driver’s license 
  • Current Address proof
  • An Aadhar Card or any other valid ID


How Do You Pay For Zoom Car In Srinagar

You can pay for a zoom car online through  Google pay ,Phone pay or paytm or offline by visiting our office.KashmireX charges almost around 2500 INR per day for a zoom car in Srinagar.Srinagar with its beautiful lakes,lush gardens and majestic mountains,is a destination that invites exploration.Zoom car gives you the freedom to travel wherever you want to in Srinagar without the constraints of Public transportation Schedules.For more details call us on +918082109970.

Deposit Amount Of Zoom Car In Srinagar

The KashmireX’s Zoom car services charges almost 3000 INR for every booking.These charges are fully refundable,once your ride is completed you will be fully refunded.Book zoom car in Srinagar at the most affordable prices ,Call us on +918082109970 or visit our website (www.kashmirex.com ).

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Can I Book Zoom Car Without Profile Verification In Srinagar

You need to submit a few documents before  booking a zoom car in Srinagar.such as your Adhar card,Your address proof ,Your photograph and a valid driver’s license.Our process of booking a zoom car in Srinagar is seamless.With just few clicks,you can select your preferred zoom car in Srinagar.This process is easy and straightforward designed for your convenience.

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Book Zoom Car Online

You can easily book your zoom car in Srinagar online by just visiting our website (www.kashmirex.com ) .Here are the steps to book Zoom car in Srinagar:

  • Visit our website (www.kashmirex.com
  • Enter your name and mention all the details like pickup and drop off location.
  • Choose the zoom car of your choice 
  • Make the booking 
  • And lastly make the payment and get your receipt instantly.

You can also book your zoom car in Srinagar directly by calling us on +918082109970.Our customer executives will be there for your help 24/7 ,Book now.

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Can Zoom Car Booking Be Canceled

Yes,You can cancel the Zoom car 6 hours before your exact booking time.

  • Our Cancellation policy allows our customers to cancel the booking at a particular time and get a 100% refund.
  • Once the booking time starts you won’t get the refund.You will only get the refund if you cancel your booking 6 hours prior your booking time.
  • Refunds will be given to you in the  7-10 business days.

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Book Zoom Car In Srinagar

You can easily book Zoom car in Srinagar by calling us on+918082109970 or by visiting our website (www.kashmirex.com).

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Zoom Car In Srinagar Booking Contact

Zoom Car in Srinagar can be Booked at +918082109970 Government approved pricing is applicable.

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The customer care number for zoom car in Srinagar is +918082109970.

To get the full refund cancel the zoom car before 6 hours  of your starting booking time.

The company  where you book your zoom car from  pays for the car toll.

The kilometer limit for zoom car is unlimited.

Yes,Zoom car refunds the money if yiu cancel your booking before 6 hours.

Yes,fuel is included in Zoom car.

Yes,zoom car has Gps.

Yes ,ofcourse zoom car is totally legal.

  • A valid drivers license 
  • A valid government ID card
  • Current Adress proof.

Yes ,One way trip is available in Zoom car.

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