Destination Wedding in Kashmir

Destination Wedding In Kashmir

Destination wedding in Kashmir is a dream for many people as destination wedding in Kashmir can be truly enchanting .The picturesque scenery of Dal lake with its houseboats and shikaras ,amazing valleys and perfect landscapes make it a wonderful location for destination weddings. Kashmir is renowned for its breathtaking beauty and majestic surroundings .Kashmir is also called the paradise on Earth because of its mesmerizing views .The pristine lakes,and lush valleys,snow clad peaks and astounding Himalayas make it one of the top notch places in India for destination weddings.

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Booking a destination wedding in Kashmir offers a unique blend of natural beauty and stunning backdrop of the Himalayas.You can easily book a professional wedding planner to create unforgettable experiences of the weddings in Kashmir valleys.

  • Begin by starting to find a stunning venue for your  wedding such as Gulmarg,Pahalgam,Sonamarg and the astounding Dal lake or houseboats.
  • We provide you with the famous and professional photographers and cinematographers to make your wedding even more special.
  • we ensure you seamless logistics for guests including the transportation and accommodation arrangements.
  • We also provide you with our expert chefs to offer a delightful culinary experience.
  • Overall a destination wedding in Kashmir combines the allure of a dreamy location with the professionalism required a seamless celebration.

How To Book A Destination Wedding In Kashmir?

To book a destination wedding in Kashmir, you need to visit our website ( and call us on +918082109970.

Our experienced wedding planners will be available for you to curate your dream wedding and will provide you the knowledge about our destination wedding projects as well.

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Places For Destination wedding In Kashmir

Khyber Hiamalyan resort and spa
Hotel Taj Vivanta
Hotel Lalit palace

Why Choose Kashmir For a Destination Wedding?

Kashmir is a special and wonderful place for a destination wedding.As the beauty of Kashmir makes it one of the top places in India for the destination weddings.Elevate your important and the special day by booking a destination wedding with KashmireX.we understand the significance of your special day and we are here to ensure to make it more memorable and unforgettable for everyone.

Here is why you should choose us for your Destination wedding in Kashmir:


  • Breathtaking venues:Indulge yourself in the seamless and astounding surroundings and the backdrop of perfect snow clad Himalayas.
  • Perfect planning:our team of experienced wedding planners are committed to turning your dream wedding into a reality and adding to it more mesmerising experiences.
  • Experts in our work: we are known for our expertise in our work as we seamlessly incorporate elements and make sure your wedding is up to the top.
  • Professional photography: we have a team of professional and famous photographers and videographers in the valley with a great  social media audience.our team of photographers are skilled enough to capture the essence of love against the backdrop of the Himalayas.
  • Delighted culinary experience: Enjoy the most delicious local delicacies to international cuisine. 
  • Guest Comfort: We prioritise the comfort of each and every person on your guest list, handling all logistics,providing the best accommodations and transportation services.
  • Best services: We are a leading brand among the tour and travel companies in kashmir.our services are rated best and we have 100+ happy customers.

Destination Wedding In Gulmarg

Gulmarg is an extraordinary place for the destination weddings in Kashmir as the beauty of Gulmarg Kashmir is unbeatable and unforgettable. Gulmarg is an exotic destination in Kashmir known for its natural beauty. This place is covered with snow-clad Himalayas and majestic meadows and pine forests. Gulmarg is also known as Meadow flowers as during the warmth months,Gulmarg reveals its meadows adorned with colourful wildflowers and diverse Fauna.

How To Book Destination Wedding In Gulmarg

To Book Destination wedding in Gulmarg 

call us on +918082109970 

or by visiting our website ( ).

Destination Wedding In The Khyber Himalayan Resort And Spa Gulmarg

it is a perfect place for destination wedding in Kashmir to give your wedding an extraordinary touch. The Khyber Himalayan Resort and Spa,this is a luxurious retreat situated in Gulmarg area of Kashmir it is located at an altitude of 8,825 feet.This place provides the stunning views of Pir Panjal range.Surronded by pristine Himalayas and lush pine forests.


Destination Wedding In Pahalgam

A destination wedding in Pahalgam promises a magical and romantic experience as Pahalgam offers a range of picturesque venues from charming gardens to elegant resorts providing an ideal destination for your special day.Pahalgam located in the Anantnag area of Kashmir it is renowned for its mesmerising natural beauty.this place is surrounded with lush green meadows and the beauty of lidder river makes this place more wonderful.

How To Book Destination Wedding Pahalgam

It is easy to book Destination wedding in Pahalgam by calling us on +918082109970.

or by visiting our website ( )

Destination Wedding In Sonamarg

Choosing sonamarg for a destination wedding is a splendid idea as the breathtaking landscapes and glistening glaciers makes it a magical place for destination weddings in kashmir. The cool climate, especially the summer months, adds a refreshment to the festivities in sonamarg. Sonamarg also called the “Meadow of Gold” is a breathtaking destination in kashmir valley this place is located in the snow clad himalayas that offers the picturesque view of meandering rivers and lush green meadows. The River Sindh flowing through the sonamarg adds the charm to this reflecting and stunning landscape.

How To Book Destination Wedding In Sonamarg?

To Book your destination wedding in Sonamarg Kashmir

You can visit our website ( )

or call us on +918082109970

Destination Wedding In Srinagar

Opting for a destination wedding in srinagar is a choice that promises a magical and stunning wedding celebration. Imagine exchanging vows on a traditional shikara boat with the tranquil waters of Dal lake and the astounding views of the surroundings.Srinagar is the summer capital of jammu and kashmir. This place is an epitome of beauty and the crown jewel of this region is the world famous Dal Lake, where houseboats and shikara boats create a floating paradise. Srinagar is also famous for its mughal gardens and their vibrant flower beds add a charm to these gardens. 

How to Book Destination Wedding In Srinagar?

You can easily book Destination wedding in Srinagar

 by visiting our website (

or by calling us on +918082109970.

Destination Wedding In Vivanta by Taj

Choosing Taj vivanta in srinagar for a destination wedding is an excellent decision. This hotel provides the stunning backdrop of surrounding mountains.Taj Vivanta ensures a mesmerising wedding experience with its amazing services and attention to details.The blend of Modern amenities and traditional Kashmiri hospitality adds a touch of greatness to your wedding celebration. Vivanta is a luxurious hotel situated in the heart of the srinagar city.This Hotel is known for its elegant architecture and modern amenities. The view from the Hotel Taj Vivanta is extremely wonderful creating an extraordinary experience.The location of this view often allows guests to explore nearby attractions of srinagar city like Dal lake and the famous Mughal gardens.

How To Book Destination Wedding In Vivanta Taj?

To Book Your Wedding destination in Vivanta Taj Srinagar by calling us on +918082109970 or by visiting our website ( ).

Destination Wedding In The Lalit Grand Palace

This place is a gem for your  destination wedding in Kashmir as the mesmerising scenery of the surroundings of this hotel makes it more enchanting and exotic.The Lalit Grand Palace is a heritage hotel that introduces a charm and amazing ambiance among the guests.The well manicured gardens,exquisite dining options and the majestic chinar trees on the property contribute to the wonderness of this hotel.Opting a destination wedding in Lalit Grand palace srinagar is a choice that promises an unforgettable celebration.The hotel’s team is often well equipped to the wedding planning. 

How To Book Destination Wedding In Lalit Grand Palace

To Book your destination wedding  in Lalit Grand palace srinagar by visiting pur website ( ).

or by calling us on +018082109970.

Which Months Are Best For The Destination Wedding In Kashmir

The best months for destination weddings in Kashmir are during the late spring to early autumn when the weather is pleasant and the landscapes are at their most beautiful. Late spring to early summer is a popular time. Early autumn is another excellent choice. The weather remains pleasant and the changing colors add a unique charm to surroundings.


How To Book Your Destination Wedding In Kashmir Online ?

To Book your destination wedding in Kashmir 

Visit our website ( ) 

or call us on +918082109970 

Book Destination Wedding In Kashmir

You can easily book destination wedding in Kashmir by calling us on+918082109970 or by visiting our website (

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Destination wedding in Kashmir can be booked at +918082109970 Government approved pricing is applicable.

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The cost of destination wedding in Kashmir starts from  almost 10 lakh INR.

The best place to have destination wedding in Kashmir is Srinagar.

The reason why you should have destination wedding in Kashmir is because the beauty of Kashmir is unbeatable.

They both can be cheap and luxurious.It totally depends upon your prefrences.

The starting price for pre wedding photoshoot in Kashmir is 10,000 INR.

Yes,you can hire a photographer in Kashmir.

Yes,Destination wedding is an amazing idea.

The cost for destination weddings in Kashmir statrts from 10 lakh to 50 lakh INR.

To book an amazing destination wedding in Kashmir call on +918082109970.

Ofcourse there are many expert wedding planners that can assist the weddings in Kashmir.

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