shikara ride in dal lake

Sailing off on a Shikara ride in Dal Lake will be a truly serene and calming experience for you. The Shikara, skillfully crafted from deodar wood, extends between 25 and 41 feet. Its design is characterized by a pointed front end, a central section comprised of eight wooden planks, and a flat rear end. As you glide through the tranquil waters, you’ll find yourself completely immersed in the beauty of the surroundings. It’s a peaceful journey that allows you to appreciate the serene charm of Dal Lake and savor the tranquility of the moment.


  • Cost: The official rate is Rs 770 per hour, but the actual price is often higher. You can expect to pay Rs 700-1500 per hour.
  • Hours: Shikara rides are available from 6 AM–10 PM in summer(April-September) & 8 AM- 8PM in winter (October – March)
  • Reservations: You can book a Shikara ride by calling/Whatsapp on  +918082109970.
  • Places to see: You can see the Floating Market, Nishat Bagh , Char Chinar , Nehru park
shikara Ride in Dal Lake

How Much Does a shikara ride cost in dal lake ?

shikara ride in DalLake

Cost of shikara ride in Dal Lake 2024

The Cost of Shikara in Dal lake is ₹770/hour & ₹ 440/additional hour. But the actual price is often high so you can expect to pay from ₹700 - ₹1500 .

Cost of shikara ride in Dal Lake per hour ?

Shikara Rate in Dal Lake per HourRate
Shikara ride for 1 Hour₹770
Shikara ride for 2 Hour₹1440
Shikara ride for 3 Hour₹2310

How to Reach Shikara Ride in Dal Lake from Airport ?

To reach Shikara ride in Dal lake from airport you need to first Reach Dal Gate which is 12Km from Srinagar Airport .

To get to Dal Lake from the airport, you can

Mode of TransportationFareHow To Book By Call
By Taxi ₹1200+918082109970
By Cab ₹1200+918082109970
By Rickshaw ₹800+918082109970

how to book shikara in Dal Lake ?

To B0ok Shikara in Dal lake you can call/WhatsApp on: +918082109970 or visit for any easy & Affordable booking solution.

1 day

Shikara Ride

Dal Lake, Srinagar
1,000.00 1,500.00
1 day

Trekking In Kashmir

2,500.00 2,900.00
1 day


Gulmarg 193403
2,800.00 3,000.00

What is the best time to do the Shikara ride?

It entirely depends upon your preferences, but don’t worry we will categories it according to the months so that it will easy for you choose .


Oct- March : During these months the weather in kashmir can be quite chilly so for a  good experience , you can ride the shikara from 12pm-3pm 

April – September : During these months the weather in kashmir warm and nice with wind gushing towards you face, so for a  good experience  you can ride the shikara from 7 Am – 10 Am in the morning & 3pm-9pm in evening will be best .

What Places can i Visit in a Shikara ?

There are many place you can visit in a Shikara Ride , here are few famous places to visit in a Shikara are

  • Floating Market & Gardens : Experience the inner markets of dal lake & small islands surrounded by water. People selling Stuff on shikari’s is truly a sight to see
  • Nehru Park : Located on an island in Dal Lake, Nehru Park is a famous picnic spot with views of the lake and mountains. Great for photo & Videos
  • Char Chinar :Char Chinar is an island in Dal Lake that can be reached by shikara ride. Its a Island named after 4 Chinar tree that are on the island. A  Magical & Fascinating Place
  • Mina Bazar : Mina Bazar a popular Bazar (market) at Dal lake. Where you can buy many from clothes , shawls , dry fruits as well as many other delicacies

If You are decided to ride a shikara at Nishat Garden , you can see the following places: 

  • Shalimar garden 
  • Dargah Hazratbal
  • Raina Wari 
  • Camel Bridge
  • Char chinar

Can i Only Do Shikara Ride at Dal lake ?​

No, There are many place you can enjoy shikara ride in kashmir. You can enjoy shikara ride in Kashmir at :

Dal lake : Its common place for traveller to enjoy shikara ride with a wide range of option to do in a shikara

Nishat Garden : Enjoying shikara at Nishat garden will make create a romantic vibe, you will also see bridge in the middle of DalLake .

Nigeen lake: For quite and clamming experience , you can opt for shikara ride in Nigeen Lake and enjoy a ride in calm water of Nigeen

Dargah Hazratbal : You can also enjoy shikara ride Hazratbal shrine and roam the dal lake 

Mansbal Lake : At last , Mansbal Lake is also  great place to enjoy shikara ride and other fun activities


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Things you can Do on Shikara ?

Well, you can do alot of things on shikara depending upon the mood and occasion. Here are few things to do on a shikara in kashmir:

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4 People can easily accommodate in a shikara

For one hour that rate is 770 .but the actual price may be higher. So Negotiate as much as possible

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