Travel Tips For first-time travelers

By:kashmirex Discover essential travel tips for first time travelers and make your journey unforgettable.

If you are going to multiple places, a good backpack that fits you well and a good

Invest in good equipment

Time to Prep

Look, no one wants to spend money on travel insurance for international travel. But do it anyway.

Purchase travel insurance

Time to Prep

I highly recommend checking out my article on planning your travel budget

Plan your budget carefully

Time to Prep

No, you shouldn’t be afraid of exploring the world. But you should be smart about it while you’re traveling. Research safety tips for backpacking and traveling,

Brush up on safety tips

Time to Prep

The best question to ask when considering off-season travel is what makes this time of year the off-season? There’s a reason peak times are popular

Consider traveling during off-season

Time to Prep

Your backpack will likely come with a rain cover, but in my experience those things can’t be fully trusted.

Waterproof your backpack

Time to Prep

Research and remember which places locally have free WiFi (think McDonald’s, Starbucks, etc.) Download city maps onto your phone when you first reach a new city

Be aware of free WiFi spots

Time to Prep

Although it feels like it sometimes, life doesn’t stop when we’re on vacation. There’s nothing worse than getting sick while backpacking

Take care of yourself

Time to Prep

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