It is said that “on earth there is no heaven ,but there are pieces of it, and kashmir is one of them.

Kashmir is a celestial slice of Earth, Boasts breathtaking landscapes covered by the snow-capped Himalayas , and 2000 plus high altitude Alpine lakes .

Kashmir has so much to offer when it comes to peace and relaxation , the mesmerizing views of Dal lake , the sunsets at Astanmarg and Downtown strolls . it is totally an enticing destination, inviting you to see the spirit and its abundance offerings ,ensuring unforgettable holidays

Kashmir: A Rapid and Hassle Free travel guide.

Kashmir is known for its  hospitality and . Visitors are always welcomed with  open arms ,warmth and grace, Kashmir is  immersed in a culture that treats guests  like family .

If you are reading this, it is a sign  for you to book your trip to kashmir now.

How to Book A Trip to kashmir ?

A trip to kashmir is what you need to give your life a transition by visiting the beautiful landscapes ,Great Himalayas, perfect valleys and the most exotic sunsets, heaven over all . 

Booking your trip to kashmir  has been very easy and hassle free with kashmireX.

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How to Travel to kashmir from any destination

By Bus :You can also  travel to kashmir  from any state  of India by bus. Buses are the most common mode of transportation in India . 

There are buses for each and every state that will drop you at the tourist reception centre (TRC) in Srinagar from there you  can contact your hotel cab or you can book any local cabs or  taxi services in Kashmir that will drop you to your hotel .

There are many bus services providers in every state of india however you can book an easy and hassle free bus service to kashmir . Book Now

By flight :you can travel to kashmir from any part of the world by a flight. Try to take morning flights in kashmir to get the best views possible from your window seats , it will also benefit you to  travel to any mesmerizing destination on your day one by reaching early  .


Some international and Domestic  flights are direct to Srinagar Airport and  other international and domestic flights can  drop you to Delhi or Mumbai  airport and from there you have to take another flight  to reach Kashmir. From there you can take any cab or taxi that will make you reach your hotel in kashmir


 Book your flight  to kashmir

By Train : you can travel to kashmir from any state in India by train ,that will drop you at jammu railway station from there you can travel by Tavera or by  any bus to kashmir that will drop you to  srinagar Tourist reception center (TRC) near Jammu and Kashmir bank .From there you can take any cab or taxi to your hotel.

What to pack for Kashmir ?

In summers: 

  • Normal summer dresses 
  • A jacket for high altitude areas 
  • A waterproof shoes 
  • Pack of medicines 
  • An emergency kit 
  • An umbrella
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen  
  • Cap or hat 

For winters :

  • a  wind proof jacket 
  •  a woolen sweater 
  • A waterproof shoes or snow boots  
  • Basic medicines 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Gloves
  •  2 pair of Woolen socks 
  • Muffler 
  • Beeni 

What to expect in kashmir?

In summers :

Kashmir is said to be heaven on earth or where heaven touches the earth . 

You can expect the  greenery  in each and every part of kashmir  during the summer time . The streams running down in the middle of the mughal  gardens  makes it summer perfect . 

In winters

Kashmir is an enchanting destination known for its natural beauty and its rich cultural heritage .This is the perfect place to spend your vacations. The appealing vision of Kashmir is a therapy to the heart, mind and your soul. 

 In winters you can expect the snow bound mountains, snow covered places , the frozen Dal lake and many more such beautiful views .

Type of stays in kashmir

  • Hotels: There are  varieties of Hotels in kashmir , from 3 star deluxe hotels to 5 star Hotels.with the most clean and comfortable rooms to ac fitted for the perfect season type, and the most mesmerizing views. Book Hotels in kashmir
  • Home stays:  Home stays are common in Kashmir , perfect for  people who want to stay in the comfort of  the family .Book your Homestay in Kashmir
  • Guest houses: Guest houses are the best accommodation for people who want full privacy with comfort and home type facilities such as gym  and bar .Book Guest houses in Kashmir
  • Houseboats/Boathouse: Houseboats are the most romantic places to stay in kashmir .There are immense amounts of houseboats , from the most luxurious to most affordable with the best view of dal lake .Book Your Houseboat in Kashmir
  • Huts : Huts are the beautiful places to stay in kashmir .The  huts are the small wooden structures mostly  located in the  forest areas ,you will get an amazing  and unique experience in  hut stays .Book Your Hut in Kashmir

Book your stays here

You can call/WhatsApp on +918082109970 or visit You can also mail us on:

Book Now

Best Time To Visit Kashmir


From April to May , the best time to visit kashmir as there is the tulip festival going on in that season in Asia’s largest tulip garden .

 Flowers are in full bloom , giving you the chance to visit  the most mesmerizing places of the valley such as

  •  Badamwari park; this park is known for the bloom of almond flowers situated at the banks of Nigeen lake. 
  •  Nigeen lake: this is the another beautiful lake of kashmir in the srinagar city ,perfect to watch sunsets . 
  • Indira Gandhi memorial Tulip garden: this garden is Asia’s largest tulip garden having immense varieties of tulips . This garden is situated on the boulevard road in srinagar near the botanical garden . This is an absolute gem in Kashmir as well as in whole India . 


From June to august ,

During this time the kashmir turns into lush greenery. 

The  crystal clear water runs down the streams of famous Mughal gardens .

Everything seems so beautiful and wonderful , also the best time for camping, Trekking, traveling the whole srinagar city and for water activities and much more .



From October to December 

 Kashmir turns into a walking heaven as there are shredded leaves all over the places  .

The beauty of kashmir in the autumn season is undefined as the places are so mesmerizing  in kashmir that you will fall in love with the kashmir valley. 

Must visit places in autumn are;

 Mughal gardens such as Nishat garden and Shalimar garden and the famous chinar bagh.


from December to January. Kashmir in winters is a snow wonderland , where there is snow everywhere, heaven for winter sports . 

The frozen lakes have become an attraction  worldwide. The views  of the landscapes of kashmir in winters are stunning and equally breathtaking.

Places to visit in winters

  • Gulmarg: Gulmarg “the meadow of flowers’ ‘ is the astounding place of Kashmir . It is famous for winter activities  like: skiing, ice skating , snowboarding and Gondola rides. 

Drung waterfall :this place is on your way to Gulmarg famous for the  frozen waterfall that looks so unrealistic in is a beautiful place to travel and the best place for your instagramable pictures.

How To Travel Local in Kashmir

1.By bus ; you can take any JKSRTC  bus from anywhere to your destination .

  1. By train; you can travel to certain areas in  Kashmir by train as well .
  2. By local transport;  you can travel in local area  by buses as  well as sumo or Tavera  that you will get from the main stops in  kashmir local area 
  • Sumo’s are the white structured mini transport  that you will find in every area of kashmir 
  • Tavera’s are the most easily available transport services in kashmir and the most affordable .


  1. By auto ; you can book your auto to visit the places nearby .
  2. By E-rickshaws ; you can travel in E-rickshaws for shorter distances.


  1. By cab or taxi service; cabs or taxi services are the easy and  cozy transport  options available  in kashmir.  You can travel to any place in kashmir by booking cab or taxi services so that you can travel kashmir comfortably and hassle free.

Travel to anywhere in kashmir  effortlessly by booking us :+918082109970  or by visiting our website :

At KashmireX, we believe in providing our customers with clear and competitive Kashmir cab service pricing, Here is the list of  Taxi service in Kashmir


  • Srinagar: Rs. 3300
  • Gulmarg: Rs. 5000
  • Srinagar Airport: Rs. 3000
  • Sonamarg: Rs. 5400

cab service provided by us:


  • Srinagar: Rs. 3800
  • Gulmarg: Rs. 6500
  • Srinagar Airport: Rs. 3000
  • Sonamarg: Rs. 6500


  • Srinagar: Rs. 7000
  • Gulmarg: Rs. 14000
  • Srinagar Airport: Rs. 7000
  • Sonamarg: Rs. 14000

Book  for a hassle-free  journey through Kashmir’s  beauty by booking kashmireX cab service and taxi service .

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Safety Tips For A Safe Trip To Kashmir

1.Stick to the safe tourist areas of kashmir 

2.Stay on the main routes 

3.Don’t be dependent on  Maps and ask locals about the destinations .

4.Respect the local culture of kashmir 

5.Before getting into the houseboats  and shikaras check the rules and regulations of Dal lake 

6.You will get a check post in some areas of kashmir however that is totally  normal in kashmir . 

7.Kashmir is the safest place to visit as it has zero crime records against tourists .

8.Keep alcohol indoors 

9.Get a local mobile connection , or the pre on post is recommended  .

10.Carry a valid id card.

Famous Destinations of Kashmir

  • Lolab valley : Lolab valley is located( 114 km) )away from srinagar .it is situated in the district of Kupwara of jammu and Kashmir. Lolab valley is famous for its astounding ancient springs and the forests covered with the pine trees and the fir trees , ancient temples and mosques , water dams making it a wonderful place to visit . This place is also known for its stunning scenery, lush greenery and captivating views of Himalayas. Lolab valley is a home to many himalayan and wildlife animals such as;
  • Himalayan black bear
  • Himalayan brown bear 
  • Snow leopard 
  • Ibex
  • Markhor hangul. 

Places to visit in Lolab valley ; 

  •  Kalaroos caves:

Kalaroos caves are always the talk of the town as locals believe that they are the secret Gates  to Russia. Many locals even say that they have the ancient temples of pandavas inside the cave . These are the mysterious caves as no one knows what is inside them.  

Some other places to visit in Lolab valley are :

  • Lavnag spring   
  • Gauri spring
  • Nagmart camping site
  • Satbaran kalaroos
  • Green meadows of Diver 

Activities like ;

  1. Daksum: Daksum is a summer’s paradise. It is located in the district of Anantnag (77 km) from the city of srinagar covered with lush forests and enchanting views.This breath holding place is famous for angling and trekking.

This is an offbeat place of kashmir.

The beauty of Daksum can’t be defined in words as the most beautiful place in kashmir. From there you can also visit places like Kokernag, Achabal and Verinag .

The streams in Daksum are rich in trout fishes and the forests of Daksum are rich in flora and fauna. Perfect for day trip visits .

      Places to visit near Daksum;

  •       Sinthan top : it is a high mountain pass  and the most popular destination for tourists.This place actually serves as a base camp  for the most alpine lakes of that is a highly attractive place as the astounding views from this pass is top notch and comes in the category of wonders of kashmir. It basically connects the Kashmir valley with the Jammu region. 
  • Achabal Mughal garden : This garden was built by Jahangir’s wife Noor jahan, in 1620 A.D. This garden is famous for the spring of achabal which is said to be a portion of river Bringhi. The beauty of this garden is in abundance as it can’t be compared. The streams between the garden makes it more attractive and a place to relax . 

Activities in Daksum includes ;

Trekking in Daksum ;Daksum is a wonderful place to trek as it is a way to Kishtwar .All you get is peace and happiness during your trek as this is a completely offbeat place so there is not much sound of cars   or  the noise of city life.The air is fresh and clean making this place more therapeutic .

Fishing in Daksum; The Bringhi river flows through Daksum which is  blessed with trout fishes, making angling one of the adventurous activities to do in Daksum . Imagine yourself sitting in a place like Daksum and immersing yourself into the beauty of nature.

  1. Yusmarg : yusmarg ( the meadow of jesus )

Yusmarg is a wonderful place located in the district of Budgam ( 48 km) from the srinagar city .

Yusmarg is famous for its long stretchy meadows and the mesmerizing scenery . This place is exotic and the landscapes of yusmarg are astounding, making you feel like you are in paradise .

Yusmarg is rich in fauna and aquatic flora  , it is also called as trekkers paradise . The elegance  of river Nilnag makes it a gem  and heaven for people who want to explore the stunning places of kashmir .

Places to visit in yusmarg : 

Pakherpora shrine ; The Pakherpora Shrine in Kashmir is a remarkable  religious site. It’s dedicated to the Sufi saint Hazrat Baba Payam-ud-Din Reshi, also known as Shah Badakhshi. People visit this shrine seeking blessings and spiritual comfort .It holds  cultural and historical significance in the region. Pakherpora lies at the top and is rich in trees and plants that cannot  be seen in any part of Kashmir. 

Char-i-sharif ;

This is an historical and religious sufi shrine and mosque for muslims . Located in the town chari-i-sharif of Budgam near yusmarg . This place holds significance among the muslims of Kashmir . famous for the saint  ( sheik -noor-u-din-wali )who prayed the friday prayers here  .


Nilnag ;

Nilnag is an attractive high-altitude lake located in the beautiful region  near yusmarg , known for its mesmerizing  natural beauty. It’s surrounded by lush green meadows and snow-clad mountains, making it a popular trekking and sightseeing spot for  nature lovers. The crystal clear blue waters of Nilnag add to its charm, offering a peaceful environment for visitors .

4.Srinagar:  known as the Venice of East ,famous for its beautiful and mesmerizing views of Dal lake which is located in the middle of the city . Srinagar is an absolute place for luxury travel as it is the richest city of kashmir .The marvelous mughal gardens have always been the talk of the town and are world wide famous such as shalimar garden ,nishat garden, Parimahal . Srinagar is a place to explore as it is a home to the most exotic locations of Kashmir . The river Jhelum flows through some cities of Srinagar making them  a part of  this heaven.


Places to visit in srinagar 


  • Astanmarg ; it is  an enchanting place near Harwan city of srinagar. It is famous for its romantic  sunsets and the  most exotic location. Perfect for the evening outing .
  • Dachigam wildlife sanctuary ;

It is located in the city of srinagar ,known for its  diverse flora and fauna . It is famous for the endangered hangul deer, one of its flagship species ,along with the wildlife leopards ,various bird species and himalayan black bear.


Historical places in srinagar ;


 Jamia masjid : located in the heart of the downtown, the mosque was constructed in the 14th century  by Sultan Sikandar , it is an architectural marvel. It is an iconic structure made of  woodwork  and stone,making it one of the most prestigious cultural sites of srinagar . 

It gives a peaceful and relaxed ambiance . 


  • Hari parbat fort  

Situated in the district of srinagar  at the top of Hari Parbat hill ,also known as the sharika fort  . This fort was built in the Mughal era in the 18th century , making it one of the historical places in srinagar . It offers the most panoramic views of the  city of srinagar . Hari Parbat fort is an important and attractive tourist destination .

Activities to do in srinagar : 


Paragliding in kashmir ; paragliding in kashmir is the most famous adventure and the thrilling one .

Boating in kashmir : Boating is one of the best activities to do in kashmir as you will get the chance to witness the most mesmerizing views . 


5.Pahalgam ; (The valley of shepherds )

Located in the district of Anantnag  (89 km) from srinagar .This a picturesque  town known for its wonderful landscapes and breathtaking places .it is a high tourist attraction place , and serves as base for Amarnath yatra pilgrimage .


Places to visit in Pahalgam ;

  • Baisaran valley : Also known as mini switzerland. It is a stunning meadow near  Pahalgam  known for its pine forests , snow-clad mountains and lush greenery .Perfect for the nature walks ,instagramable pictures and fresh air .
  • Mamleshwar temple ; This is an ancient hindu temple located at the banks of river ladder near Pahalgam . This offers a significant religious site for Hindu’s  .It is also mentioned in the Rajtirangni book of Kashmir ,This is believed to be the place where the Lord Shiva cut the head of Ganesha and gave him the elephant head.
  • Lidder Amusement park Pahalgam : 

This is the perfect place to have fun in Pahalgam , situated in the middle of Pahalgam near the river Lidder . You can expect various types of swings there and absolute water activities to have fun.

 Activities in Pahalgam; 

    •  Water zorbing : water zorbing in Pahalgam is  very famous as this is the best adventure one can do to get a thrilling experience  throughout the trip.
  • River raftingRiver rafting in Pahalgam  is one of the exhilarating  experiences that you are gonna have in Pahalgam .
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Famous Cuisines of Kashmir

Kashmir is known for its famous cuisine  wazwan in the whole world and the most amazing drink which is  called  kahwa.

Wazwan is so common in Kashmir that you can get it in any restaurant or hotel. Trust me kashmiri people can’t live without wazwan . It is like oxygen to them. 


If you are going to visit kashmir then don’t forget to try the kashmiri wazwan which is generally non veg but includes some of the most delicious veg items.


  •   Wazwan 

             Non veg wazwan includes ;

 Meethmeaz  : Meethi is served  as a beginner dish in marriages in kashmir. Ingredients include Meethi and towel meat .

 Tabhak Maaz : Tabhak Maaz is one of the meat dishes of wazwan served in the beginning  in marriages ,  that is the rib portion dipped into the ghee and kashmiri flavors. 

Rista: Rista is a very famous wazwan dish , a kind of meat ball with so many kashmiri flavors. 

Rogan josh : Rogan josh is the best dish of wazwan , it is a curried meat dish . The main ingredients of this dish are alkanet root and lamb or goat meat . 

 Marziwangan Korma : this is the spiciest dish of wazwan full of kashmiri chillies , it is a meat dish. The main ingredients of this dish are kashmiri chillies , meat  of lamb or goat. 

Yakhni : yakhni is the most favorite dish of people among kashmiris  of the wazwan .It is also like a meatball but dipped into the curd  and milk so basically it has a flavor of curd and amazing kashmiri spices.


Now comes the veg wazwan  that includes ;


 Wazwan Mushrooms: full of kashmiri flavors and the curry  is delicious . I bet you may have never tasted mushrooms like wazwan mushrooms .

Quince apple also called Bamczoont in kashmiri  :  This dish is so tasty and mouth watering that if you eat it once you will get cravings for it . The main ingredients of this dish are quince apple and kashmiri sauces .

Wawan paneer : you may have eaten  so many types of paneer dishes before but trust me wazwan paneer is totally different in flavor and the best  dish of paneer . The main ingredients of this dish are tomatoes and paneer .

 Wazwan spinach  and lotus stem also called palak ti nadir: Again this dish is a vegetarian  wazwan dish that is full of kashmiri flavors the spinach and  lotus stem  making it the tastiest vegetarian wazwan dish . 


Modur pulao : Modur pulao is basically basmati  rice  with dry fruits and ghee. This is the most delicious among the veg delicacies in wazwan.

  • Famous  drinks ;


Saffron kahwa ; this drink is so good that it will take all your sorrows away ,it is a kind of  remedy to your headaches, cold, cough , flu, sore throat . The main ingredients are saffron , dry fruits  and the most important ingredient cardamom . 


Dood kahwa; this is the basic kahwa but with milk and dryfruits , mostly served in marriages.  

   Sweet dishes


Kashmiri phirni : kashmiri phirni is one of the famous sweet dishes of kashmir  full of dry fruits . The main ingredients of this dish are milk , sooji and dryfruits.It can be served hot as well as cold. Mostly  served in the month of Ramadan  after breaking the fast . 

Kashmiri falooda : This is the kind of an ice cream with lots of basil seeds ,rose essence , rose petals , falooda sev, kulfi scoops and lastly Milk ,the main ingredient of this dish .

Walnut fudge :The walnut  fudge is the famous sweet dish of kashmir.The ingredients of walnut fudge are walnuts and sweetened condensed milk ,sometimes mixed with chocolate called chocolate fudge .
 Kud barfi : This is the most delicious sweet of jammu and kashmir made up of besan and ghee and sugar . It is a vegetarian product .

Shopping in kashmir

There are many famous places to shop in kashmir however few places are irreplace and unique  because of  their popularity and History . 


  • Floating market in dal lake

Have you ever been into shopping in just the middle of water? If not then let’s just take you to the most unique place in kashmir for shopping that is the floating market dal lake . 

This place is heaven for shoppers and nature enthusiasts , famous for the  art and culture of kashmir. 


Tip; visit in the evening.

  • Lal Chowk 

Lal Chowk is the main market  of srinagar ,the famous ghanta ghar lies exactly in the middle of lal chowk to make this place more unique

You can buy each and everything from this market , this market has a variety of goods and products .

The famous Goni khan lane is a famous lane  in Lal Chowk for all the clothing,bags and shoes and everything that a person needs at affordable prices .

You can even buy dry fruits, shawls, gifts for your family and friends  from lal chowk.

 Sunday market : Sunday market is the most famous market of kashmir, this is  the only market on sundays that has the best  things from the arts and crafts to  carpets ,clothes and every item. if you are in kashmir on sundays this is the must visit market .  

Anantnag market: Anantnag is the greatest destination for shopping for the visitors  . 

This market is rich in  handicrafts , cricket bats and  fruits .

Dargah market : Dargah market is famous for street food of Kashmir such as Halwa paratha and  Nadir Monji ( lotus stem pakoras)  . It is also famous for clothes , spices , and all types of house items .

Pulwama market : Pulwama market is located in the district of Pulwama near Pulwama hospital  . This market is famous for kashmiri kangri , kashmiri kulcha , clothes , dry fruits , saffron ,milk  and all kinds of food and houseware items . 

Book market :This  market is located on the residency road srinagar  near clock tower lal chowk. you will get books there , from novels to biographies and every kind of book is available  in the book market srinagar  .

Spices market:  the famous spice market of kashmir is  Bohri kadal and Zaina kadal , you can find all kinds of kashmiri spices from kashmiri chillies to kashmiri masala tikki as well as the Himalayan rock salt . 

Copper market : Zaina kadal market is famous for the copper products in in kashmir,you can find every kind of copper product here from kitchenware objects  ,showpieces , steamer and the most famous kashmiri  copperware is Samovar, Samovar is used to make tea and heat milk or water in it .

Boulevard market :This market is the evening market on the banks of dal lake , famous for the art and crafts of kashmir .


Nowhatta market : This market surrounds the famous jamia masjid in the main downtown area of kashmir . This market is famous for Kashmiri Tilla

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What To Buy in Kashmir

Things that you must need to buy from kashmir ;

  • Kashmiri pashmina shawls ( add buy now )
  • Kashmiri tossa shawls 
  • Kandkari  samawaar 
  • Dry fruits Saffron 
  • Tilla work suits 
  • Carpets 
  • Paper Mache 
  • Wooden carvings 
  • Jewelry 
  • Cricket bats 
  • Silverware items 
  • Willow baskets .
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No, you do not need any kind of special permission to travel to Kashmir.

It takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach Kashmir by flight from Delhi

Almost a week is enough for your holiday in Kashmir

The distance from Jammu Tawi to Srinagar is 300 km

Yes ,it is completely safe to travel at night in Srinagar

You need to wear woolen sweaters and jackets in winters in kashmir

You need to wear woolen sweaters and jackets in winters in kashmir

Wazwan is the famous cuisine of kashmir.

The entry fee is 50 rupees for adults and 25 for childrens .

No pork and beef is not served in any hotel in Kashmir

No pork and beef is not served in any hotel in Kashmir

 September is the best month to shop apples in Kashmir

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