Enjoy Skiing In Gulmarg

Skiing in Gulmarg sounds exhilarating.The picturesque landscapes and snowy slopes makes it the perfect place for Skiing. Gulmarg is also called the meadow of flowers and is popularly known for its snow activities .Gulmarg is famous for its breathtaking beauty and adventures like Skiing in Gulmarg,ATV rides in Gulmarg,Paragliding in Gulmarg and Pony riding in Gulmarg.

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Skiing in Gulmarg

Skiing is one of the world famous winter sport,Thousands of visitors visit Gulmarg during winters as Gulmarg turns  into a winter wonderland in snow and feels like paradise.You can enjoy skiing in Gulmarg and many snow activities in winters like;

Skiing in Gulmarg India is fantastic.The breathtaking Himalayan backdrop and abundant snowfal make it a top-notch destinantion for skiing enthusiasts.The slopes of  the region of Gulmarg cater to all skill levels such as begginers , intermediate level as well as expert level offering a thrilling experience with the stunning view of the landscapes of Gulmarg.The Gondola ride to reach the ski area adds  an mesmerizing touch of adventure.

How to Book Skiing In Gulmarg Online?

To secure your skill adventure in Gulmarg follow the steps given below:

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Skiing Course In Gulmarg

 The Skiing Course in Gulmarg is one of the fantastic and incredible experiences between the stunning Himalayas. Gulmarg is renowned for its powdery snow and extensive ski region, attracting both beginners and seasoned skiers.The ski season runs from December to April. Gulmarg’s  beauty lies in its vast slopes and is pristine to eyes making it a heaven for adventure seekers. Gulmarg Gondola takes skiers upto Apharwat slopes where  they can enjoy the mesmerizing views while skiing down through varying levels of difficulty. There are numerous ski schools in Gulmarg that offer  lessons conducted by experienced instructors. 

There are three levels of ski courses and covers the Beginner level,The Intermediate level and the expert level.

Skiing Course For Beginners

For those new to Sikking the beginners course is perfect for them to get the idea about skiing and the introduction to the skiing equipment ,also it provides them with the instructions on basic skiing techniques, safety measures and confidence building.This is a one week course that includes;

Body positioning:To learn the  correct body positioning while skiing.

Basic techniques:To learn the basic techniques such as stopping turning, maintaining speed and balance.

Safety measures: To understand the safety protocols and how to control on slopes.


Cost Of Skiing Course For Beginners

 The cost of a ski course for beginners starts from 7000 INR per person.The duration of this course is one week.

How To Book A Ski Course Online For Beginners In Gulmarg?

To book a ski course for Beginners in Gulmarg you need to visit our website ( or 

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Skiing Course For Intermediate Level

Intermediate ski courses in Gulmarg are crafted for skiers who have already done the beginners course and want to progress more to reach the Expert level. This course includes;

  • Refinement of techniques:Intermediate level helps you to enhance your existing skills like edging and weight distribution.
  • Individualized instructions: Crafted guidance from experienced instructors to get to expert level.
  • Practice sessions:Practice sessions help you to ensure that you are now ready to reach to the next level.
  • Steep Stope Training:Improving control and confidence over steep slopes.

Cost of Skiing Course for intermediate level. Level

The cost of the intermediate level ski course is 14000 INR per person and the cost for begginer level is almost 7000 INR per person.

How to Book A Ski Course Online For Intermediate level.

To book a ski course for Intermediate level in Gulmarg you need to visit our website ( or 

Call us on +918082109970.

Skiing Course For Expert Level

 Expert level courses are designed for Skiers who are ready to push their limits and skills.You have to do the beginner as well as intermediate level course to reach an expert level in skiing.This course involves;

    • Advanced techniques:To do  the mastery of expert-level techniques like carving and mogul skiing.  
    • Avalanche safety:Training in avalanche safety including analysis. 
    • Personalized coaching:Highly individualized coaching and feedback.
Cost Of Skiing Course For Expert Level

The cost of a skiing course for Expert Level starts from 12000-15000 INR 

How To Book a Ski Course Online For Expert Level In Gulmarg?

To book a ski course for Expert level in Gulmarg you need to visit our website ( or 

Call us on +918082109970.

Cost Of Skiing Courses In Gulmarg?
Cost Of Skiing Courses In GulmargRates
Begginers Level7000 INR per person
Intermediate level10000 INR per person
Expert level15000-20000 INR per person
Where Can You Do the Ski Course In Gulmarg?

 There are many breathtaking Ski schools  where you can do the Ski courses in Gulmarg to add the most adventurous activity in your bucket list, some of the places are mentioned below; 

How to Book Skiing In Gulmarg Online?

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The cost for skiing in Gulmarg  is about 400 INR per person for an hour.

yes , Absoulutely Skiing in Gulmarg is totally worth it.

 The best time for Skiing in Gulmarg is From the month of December to the month of March

Skiing in Gulmarg is about 4,222 meteres.

In the month of December to March snow is heavy in Gulmarg.

Yes,you do need snow boots in Gulmarg.

Gulmarg is famous for its breathtaking natural beauty and the surronding Himalays.

Gulmarg is famous for  Skiing in Kashmir region.

you can see snow from December to March in Gulmarg.

Gulmarg has many secret destinations one of them is Strawberry Valley.

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