Gulmarg gondola booking online is straightforward and it presents a user-friendly approach coupled with seamless convenience so that you can easily have the experience of the mesmerizing snowclad mountains of Gulmarg.

Gulmarg is a hill station that is attractive towards visitors . Located in the district of baramulla of jammu and kashmir. Gulmarg is known for its peaks and the beauty that seems surreal and is equally famous for its sports adventures such as gondola rides in Gulmarg.


How to book gondola ticket in Gulmarg?

Instead of standing in the long lines you must book your Gulmarg gondola tickets before coming to kashmir so that your seats can be easily  available for you when you reach here.As Gulmarg gondola ride is a famous adventure that everyone looks upto on their visit to kashmir.  KashmireX is one of the best and quality proven travel agencies as well as cab and taxi services  provider in can easily book your tickets for Gulmarg gondola tickets in kashmir with KashmireX. 

How to book gondola tickets in kashmir

 To Book Gondola tickets in kashmir you have to just visit the  website  of kashmireX or you can contact kashmireX 

To book  Gulmarg gondola tickets in kashmir, follow these simple and easy steps : 


  1. Visit KashmireX’s website 


  1. Click on gandola booking 
  2. Select the phases 

(phase 1, phase 2 or both 1 and 2 phases )

  1. Select date and time 
  2. Enter your Name and your email id 
  3. Make the payment 

After the payment you will receive the gondola cable car booking confirmation in the email id that you have provided .

You can directly call us on +918082109970 for the booking of Gulmarg gondola rides

Can we book Gulmarg Gondola tickets online ?

Yes ! It is easy  and convenient to book  Gulmarg gondola tickets online.You just have to visit the website of KashmireX and select the date and time of your travel, as well as follow the instructions that you will be given. 


The cost of  phases of Gulmarg Gondola rides are.


  • 1st phase : this ride is from Gulmarg to Kungdoor and costs 800
  • 2nd phase : the second phase is from kungdoor to Apharwat peak and cost 1000


Both the phases together  cost  1800

The gondola ride tickets are not available offline, so you need to book your tickets online in order to be hassle free on your visit to Gulmarg . 


Note : childrens upto age of 3 don’t need any ticket .

Rates of Gondola in Gulmarg

Phase 1 ( Gulmarg to Kungdoor and return )800
Phase 2 ( kungdoor to Apharwat & Return)1000
Both ( Gulmarg to Apharwat & Return)


Gulmarg Gondola in Kashmir

Gulmarg is famous for its adventures like gondola ride in Gulmarg. It is definitely the most thrilling adventure in Gulmarg. 


Gondola ride in Gulmarg has 2 phases 

  •  Phase 1 includes : Gulmarg to kungdoor 
  •   Phase 2 includes : kungdoor to Apharwat 

Gulmarg gondola phase 1 and phase 2 ticket price 


Gondola has 2 phases,both the phases have 2 separate tickets  

The prices are under : 

  • Gulmarg gondola phase 1 -ticket : from Gulmarg to Kungdoor 
  • The Price is 800 INR
  • Gulmarg gondola phase 2 – ticket : from Kungdoor to Apharwat 
  • The price is 1000 INR 

You can book both the phases together and the price will be 1800 INR in total .


Note : make sure you book the ticket before your trip to Gulmarg.

Ultimate Guide to Gulmarg Gondola

FactorsGulmarg Gondola Phase 1Gulmarg Gondola Phase 2
Starts FromGulmarg to KungdoorKungdoor to Apharwat
Price800 INR1000 INR
Duration15-20 minutes20-25 minutes
Height2600 meter4200 meter
Time slots9 am -3:30 pm9 am-3:30 pm
ActivitiesPony riding,
Trekking ,camping,
Hiking( in summers)
Ice skating,sledging
Skiing ( in winters).
Skiing ( in winters).
Foods to TryKahwa,Noodles,Maggi,KulfiNo shops
Booking GondolaGulmarg Gondola Phase 1Gulmarg Gondola Phase 2

What Is The Height of Gulmarg Gondola ?

Gulmarg Gondola has 2 phases : 

  • 2600 meter is the height of phase 1
  • 4200 meter is the height of phase 2

The Best Time to Visit Gulmarg ?

 Winter: December to March to experience snow and snow adventures 

 Summer:May to August to experience lush meadows, beautiful pine forests and mesmerizing Lavender fields.

Autumn:October to November, you will get to see the astounding fall.

Spring:April to June to experience the best bloom of flowers .


Gulmarg Gondola in Summers

Gulmarg is a paradise for visitors in summers. Gondola ride in summers is a breathtaking experience for travelers as it includes 2 phases. The first phase takes you from Gulmarg to Kungdoor and the 2 phase takes you from Kungdoor to Apharwat you will get to experience the most astounding natural landscapes through the exotic pine forest .

You can trek to Kungdoor and you can also take pony rides .

Gondola operates from early mornings to late evenings in summers .


You can book the slots between 9:00 am to 11:15 am , 11:30 am to 1:00pm and 1:15 pm  to 3:30pm . 

There is no time restriction; you can book a slot anytime .

Gulmarg gondola in winters :

In winters Gulmarg turns into a snowy fairyland and attracts visitors worldwide.

During the time from December to March the snow activities are in great trend .

You can enjoy activities like ice skating, snow biking, skiing and snowboarding.

During the months of December to March you can also take a skiing course that includes 3 levels.

  • Beginner level : the first level is the beginner level.
  • Intermediate level : the second level includes the intermediate level i.e you can Skii from the first phase to Kungdoor.
  • Expert level : the third level includes the expert level which is the last level i.e you can Skii from Apharwat to first phase.
Is Gulmarg gondola Gulmarg cable car the same ?

you can book the Gulmarg cable car which is also the Gulmarg gondola by visiting  or you can call us on +918082109970 for easy and hassle free bookings , instructions are given below : 

  • Enter your name 
  • Enter your contact details such as your mobile number and your email id.
  • Type your date of travel. 
  • Enter a number of guests.
  • Enter a number of phases.

Your confirmation which will include your gondola ticket will be sent to your email id on your booking.

Duration of gondola ride in gulmarg

Gondola in Gulmarg has 2 phases : 

  • Phase 1 
  • Phase 2 

Ist phase takes visitors from Gulmarg to Kungdoor that will take 15 minutes.

The 2nd phase takes visitors from Kungdoor to Apharwat that will take almost 20 minutes.


Note : Gondola in Gulmarg stops after 5:30pm 


How to book Gulmarg Gondola tickets online?

You can book the Gondola tickets in kashmir online ,follow  the following steps.

  1. Go to the kashmireX’s website (
  2. Go to Gondola booking 
  3. Select the phase 
  4. Choose preferred date and time 
  5. Enter your name,email id and the name of your guests you are traveling with.  
  6. Make the payment.

    Shortly after the payment , you will receive the gondola cable car booking confirmation in your mail id . 

    You can also directly call on +918082109970 for instant booking . 



Yes! You can easily book your gondola tickets online. It is a very easy and convenient process.

call on+918082109970

Visit our website ( to book a gondola online . 


There is no offline counter for gondola booking.

You can book your gondola ticket two days before your trip to Gulmarg.

Phase1 includes travel from Gulmarg to kungdoor and phase 2 includes travel from kungdoor to Apharwat.

Yes absolutely! You will get to see the best views of your life .

 You can pay online as there are no cash counters in  Gulmarg for gondolas.

It is about 1000 Rs per person.

Yes it’s totally safe. 

 In gondola Gulmarg at least 6 people can sit at a time.