Darjeeling Tour Package

Darjeeling Tour Package

Explore the beauty of Darjeeling with KashmireX's Darjeelingtour packages.Darjeeling is one of the best destinations of West Bengal India.It is a renowned Hill station that is famous for its breathtaking landscapes,picturesque views,lush tea gardens and wonderful cultural heritage.The Panoramic views of the captivating snow-capped mountain peaks create a breathtaking backdrop.Darjeeling is famous for its iconic tea estates that enhance the economy as well as the beauty of this region very well.

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 To book your trip to Darjeeling,you need to follow some basic steps mentioned below

  • Planning:Research the best time to visit Darjeeling.Plan your itinerary,including the duration of your stay and activities you want to participate in.
  • Transportation:You need to book your flight to Darjeeling.You can also travel to Darjeeling by bus or by booking private taxi or cab services.
  • Accommodation:choose accommodation based on your choice and budget.You can  book your trip to Darjeeling by contacting us on (www.kashmirex.in ) or by calling us on +918082109970.


How To Book Darjeeling Tour Package

Darjeeling is one of the most beautiful destinations of India.

  •  You can easily book Darjeeling Tour packages by visiting our website (www.kashmirex.com )
  • Or by calling us on +918082109970
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Book Darjeeling Flight Ticket

Book your Flight Ticket to darjeeling by calling us on +918082109970 or by Visiting our website (www.kashmirex.com)

Explore the majestic views of Himalayas such as the peaks of Kanchenjunga.These Himalayas provide a stunning panorama that mesmerizes the visitors.

Places To Visit In Darjeeling

Tiger Hill
Padma Naidu Himalayan Zoological park
Tea Gardens
Mall Road
Japanese Peace pagoda
  • Tiger Hill:Tiger Hill is a renowned spot of darjeeling famous for its breathtaking sunrise views and sunset views and the views of famous mountain peaks such as Mount Everest and Kanchenjunga.This place is highly common among tourists and the sun perfectly illuminates the snow- capped mountains.This spot is a highly attractive and must visit place in Darjeeling.
  • Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park: This is the most famous zoological park in Darjeeling and a notable tourist attraction.This park is known for its conservation efforts and diverse collection of flora and fauna like 
  1. Snow leopard conservation
  2. Red Panda Breeding Park
  3. Himalayan Wildlife 
  • Tea Gardens: Darjeeling is famous for its tea gardens all over the world as this place produces some of the finest teas in the world.The Tea garden that you must visit in darjeeling are:
  1. Glenburn Tea Estate
  2. Margaret’s Hope Tea Estate Happy Valley Tea 


  • Mall Road Darjeeling: This place is a bustling market street in the town of Darjeeling that offers varieties of shops and eateries. You can do shopping on the Mall road.You can also enjoy some of the amazing local cafes and eateries.This is the wonderful place for the nightlife in Darjeeling.You can also enjoy the cultural shows on the Mall road of darjeeling.
  • Japanese Peace Pagoda : This is the highly spiritual and significant monument in Darjeeling. This place has the most peaceful atmosphere with the backdrop of stunning Himalayas.The pagoda’s reflect the Japanese architectural styles.This Pagoda has the four golden statues of Buddha each representing the life-birth,Enlightenment teaching and death.


Book Darjeeling Train Ticket

You can travel to Darjeeling by Flight,Train as well as by Cab or Taxi services.A Trip to Darjeeling is Pristine to eyes .Darjeeling is the wonderful destination in India.

Book your train ticket here:

Visit (www.kashmirex.com)

Or call us directly on +918082109970

Things To Do In Darjeeling

Things To Do
Explore Darjeeling Himalayan Railway
Visit Tiger Hill
Peace Pagoda
Visit Zoological Park
Tea Gardens Tour
Visit Rock Garden
Visit Batasia Loop
Visit Mahakal Temple
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Travel To Darjeeling By Our Cab Services

You can travel to Darjeeling by our Cab and Taxi services 

Darjeeling is the most wonderful tourist destination and the best way to travel to Darjeeling is by taking a road trip.Book our Cab or Taxi services  so that you can enjoy your journey hassle free. 

There are many cab and taxi service providers all over India however we  provide you with the best Cab and taxi services. You will get the most stunning views of the surrounding scenery and exotic landscapes.Darjeeling  is extremely popular among peace lovers as the way to Darjeeling includes the most astounding views.You can easily book your Cab or Taxi services by contacting us on (www.kashmirex.com ).We Provide all kind of Cabs and Taxi services that includes the luxury as well as the affordable transportation services. Our cabs are Ac  fitted (hot and cold) according to the weather.We provide the cleanest Cabs and Taxi services With the most advanced technologies to make your journey peaceful,energetic and comfortable.

To book a cab or a Taxi to Darjeeling call us directly on +918082109970.

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Types Of Stays In Darjeeling

Types of Stays
Guest Houses
Heritage Properties
Home stays
Tea Estate Bunglows

How To Book Hotel Stays In Darjeeling?

As there are many types of Hotel stays in Darjeeling such as Hotels, Resorts,Tents,Guest houses,Home stays.You can book your stays in darjeeling by calling us on +91808210997 or by visiting our website (www.kashmirex.in )

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What Is The Best Time To Visit Darjeeling?

You can visit Darjeeling any time you want however the best time to visit Darjeeling is in Autumn and in the Spring months.

  • In Spring:In the months of March to April you can witness the best blossoms of this region.
  • In Autumn:In the months of September to November ,the weather is pleasant and the views of the Snow-clad Himalayas are astounding and clear.
How Many Days Are Enough To Stay In Darjeeling?

The duration  for the Darjeeling trip totally depends on you as you can stay for almost 3-5 days. In case you want to explore more of Darjeeling and want to know its culture very well then you must stay for a week to experience the best of this region.

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How To Book Darjeeling Tour Packages Online?

Book  your darjeeling Tour package by following these steps:

  • Visit our website (www.kashmirex.com )
  • Fill up your details 
  • Choose your preference tour
  • We can also craft your darjeeling Package as per your preferences.
  • Book your Package 
  • Get ready to Travel the wonderful Darjeeling.
Why Us?
  • 24/7 Availability 
  • Best services 
  • Best Cab and Taxi service Provider 
  • Happy Clients

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Book Darjeeling Tour Package

You can easily book Darjeeling Tour Package by calling us on+918082109970 or by visiting our website (www.kashmirex.in).

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Darjeeling Tour Package can be Booked at +918082109970 Government approved pricing is applicable.

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Darjeeling Trip costs almost 25000 INR.

The best time to visit Darjeeling is in the months of (March To April) that is in Spring season..

Yes,2 days are enough to Visit Darjeeling however if you stay for a week you can explore more.

No, darjeeling is not that expensive.

Yes, Absoulutely Darjeeling is totally safe for female travelers.

If you want to take a trip for snow and snow adventures then manali is your answer.

yes you can rent a car to visit Darjeeling contact +918082109970.

Yes,Darjeeling is good for family trips.

Darjeeling is totally safe at night.

Darjeeling is located  in West Bengal India.

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