Trip To Kasol​

Trip To Kasol

Kasol is a famous tourist destination located in the Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh.This place is a renowned destination for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant culture.Trip to Kasol is a heaven for nature enthusiasts and backpackers.Kasol village is surrounded by Lush greenery,Snow-clad mountains and gushing Parvati river.

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In order to book your trip to Kasol you need to follow some basic steps mentioned below

Research and Itinerary Planning:Research the best time to visit Kasol based on your preferences (summer or winter).Plan your itinerary including the duration of your stay and activities you want to participate in.

Transportation:You need to book your flight to Bhuntar Airport.You can also travel to Kasol by bus or by booking private taxi or cab services.

Accommodation:choose accommodation based on your choice and budget.You can  book your trip to Kasol by contacting us on ( ) or by calling us on +918082109970.


How To Book Trip To Kasol

You can easily book your trip to Kasol by 


Places To Visit In Kasol

Chalal Village
Malana Village
Parvati River
Choj Bridge
Manikaran Sahib

Chalal Village:Chalal Village is known for its picturesque serene and this place is perfect for hiking lovers. This place is an ideal spot for leisurely stroll along Parvati River.

Kheerganga:Trek to Kheerganga is going to be an amazing experience.This trek takes you through dense forests,Hot water springs and offers stunning views.The distance between Kheerganga and Kasol is almost 22 km.

Malana Village: This village is known for its culture and its social system.This is a mesmerizing village as you trek there and have a great experience through the stunning scenic views. Malana Village is perfect for adventure lovers.

Parvati River: Parvati river is known for its perfect crystal clear water and fascinating views of surrounding mountains. 

Choj Bridge:This is the picturesque bridge offering panoramic views of Parvati valley.This place is perfect for vloggers as this place is instagrammable and an ideal spot for taking pictures and videos.

Manikaran Sahib: This is the famous  Gurduwara of Kasol. This place is highly spiritual and religious.Manikaran Sahib Gurduwara is famous for its hot water springs.It is believed that the hot water springs of this Gurduwara have some healing properties.


What Is The Best Time To Visit Kasol

You can visit Kasol anytime as this place is a paradise for nature enthusiasts.The best time to visit Kasol is in the months (March to June)in summers  and (December to february in Winters) for people who want to enjoy snowfall. Winter is the best time to visit Kasol.

Local Cuisine of Kasol

This place has a fusion of Israeli and Himachal cuisine. 

The famous dishes and drinks of Kasol are

  •  Israeli Shakshuka
  • Himachali Sidu
  • Rice Beer
  • Thukpa 
  • Momos
  • Israeli Falafel
  • Israeli sabich
  • Gyuma
  • Babaganoush
  • Israeli Laffa Bread

How Many Days Are Enough for Kasol

If you want to visit Kasol then you need to spend at least a week to indulge yourself in the natural beauty of Kasol.However if you have some time limitations then 3-4 days would be enough to experience the best of Kasol.

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Things To Do In Kasol

Trek to Kheerganga
Visit Malana Village
Visit Manikaran Sahib
Explore Cafe Culture
Rasol Trek
Riverside Camping
Photography at Chojj Brdidge
Attend Music Festivals
Join Yoga Classes

Travel To Kasol By Our Cab Or Taxi Services?

Kasol is the most famous tourist destination and the best way to travel Kasol is by Cab or Taxi services as you will get the most stunning views of the surrounding scenery .Kasol is extremely popular among adventure lovers.

You can easily book your Cab or Taxi services by contacting us on ( ).We Provide all kinds of Cabs and Taxi services that includes the luxury as well as the affordable transportation services. 

Our cabs are Ac  fitted (hot and cold) according to the weather.We provide the cleanest Cabs and Taxi services.

With the most advanced technologies to make your journey peaceful,energetic and comfortable.

To book a cab or a Taxi to Kasol call us directly on +918082109970.

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Kasol is a breathtaking place famous for its naural beauty and calm surrondings.

From the month of March to June in summers and December to February in winters.

Kasol is totally safe for female travellers.

Kasol is called mini Israel because it has a lot of Israeli tourists there.

The snowfall occurs in the months from December to February in Kasol.

Kasol is of the top notch places to Visit.

Rice beer is the famous drink of Kasol.

Kasol is totally safe for married couples.

Kasol would be better than Dharamshala.

The distnace between Manali and Kasol is almost 75 Km.

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