Nainital Tour Package

Nainital Tour Package

Nainital is a stunning Hill station in Uttarakhand India.This place is known for its perfect picturesque lakes and beautiful destinations.It is famous for its Nainital lake that is surrounded by Hills.This place is very famous among tourists.It is a popular destination for visitors who want to spend their quality time in hills and in peace.It is perched at an elevation of almost 2,084 meters.Nainital tour packages offers various kinds of experiences like adventure packages as well as Romantic ones .

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To book your trip to Nainital,you need to follow some basic steps mentioned below

Planning:Research the best time to visit Nainital.

Plan your itinerary,including the duration of your stay and activities you want to participate in.

Transportation:You need to book your flight to Nainital.You can also travel to Nainital by bus or by booking private taxi or cab services.

Accommodation:choose accommodation based on your choice and budget.You can  book your trip to Nainital by contacting us on ( ) or by calling us on +918082109970.


How To Book Nainital Tour Package

You can easily book your trip to Nainital by following these steps:

  • Visit our website ( )
  • Choose your package 
  • Call on +91808219970 to book your package 
  • Make the advance payment 
  • Get the receipt 
  • Now you are ready to pack your bags.
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Places To Visit In Nainital

Nainital Lake
Maa Naina Devi temple
Eco Cave Park
Mall Road
G.B Pant High Altitude Zoo

Nainital Lake: Nainital lake is the most wonderful spot in Nainital as it is also called Naini lake.This is the picturesque freshwater lake that is situated in the Nainital town Uttarakhand India.Nainital is very famous among tourists all over the world.It is a pear shaped,natural freshwater that Lake surrounded by Hills on all sides.You can do many activities in this lake such as Boating.You can also participate in some boating events that are organized by Nainital Boat club.

Maa Naina Devi:This temple is located in the Nainital town of uttarakhand India.It is a must visit place in Nainital and a wonderful tourist destination spot.It is basically a hindu shrine.This Temple is situated on the northern side of the Nainital lake.Maa Naina Devi temple is dedicated to the Goddess Maa Naina devi.It is extremely spiritual place to visit.

Eco cave Gardens:This is a natural park in the Nainital town of Uttarakhand and the most famous tourist destination.It has a series of interconnected caves, each cave represents various wildlife habitats that are found in Himalayan region.

The Type of caves that are in Eco cave Gardens are:

  • Tiger cave
  • Panther cave
  • Bat cave
  • Apes cave
  • Flying Fox cave

Mall Road Nainital:Mall Road Nainital is a popular shopping street in the heart of Nainital.It offers a diverse Shopping experience.You will get to explore different kinds of shopping varieties around Mall Road.Visitors can explore a range of local handicrafts,clothing and so many food items.

G.B Pant High altitude zoo:

This zoo is located in Nainital Uttarakhand India and it one of the popular tourist destinations of Nainital.This zoo focuses on conserving and breeding Himalayan species.This zoo provides a habitat for various rare animals that are of Himalayan region such as 

  • Snow leopard
  • Himalayan Bear
  • Tibetian wolf
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Things To Do In Nainital

Things To do
Ropeway to snow view
Visit Bhimtal
Visit Sattal
Visit to Naukuchaital
Pony Riding
Cable Car Ride
Boating On Nainital Lake
Visit Naina Devi temple

What Is The Best Time To Visit Nainital?

In Summers: Nainital is one of the top tourist destinations in Uttarakhand India.You can visit Nainital anytime you wish to however the  best time to Visit Nainital would definitely be in summers from the month of March to June  as the temperature is so good that you will find peace everywhere around you.

In Winters: Nainital turns into the best winter destination to spend your holidays as from the Months of October to February it can be really chilly and if you are lucky then you may enjoy snow even there.It really offers a serene snowy landscape in the winter season.

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Types of Stays In Nainital

Type Of Stays
Heritage Hotels
Guest Houses

How Many Days Are Enough To Visit Nainital?

If you are a nature lover then you must visit Nainital as it is the most beautiful travel destination. This place is filled with lots of Picturesque places and mesmerizing landscapes.Three days would be enough to enjoy the pristine beauty of Nainital .You can also stay for at least a week to get the best experiences of Nainital.

Road TripTo Nainital By Our Cab and Taxi Services

You can travel to Nainital by our Cab and Taxi services 

Call +918082109970

Or visit our website (

Nainital is the most famous tourist destination and the best way to travel Nainital is by taking a road trip.Book our Cab or Taxi services  so that you can enjoy your journey hassle free. 

There are many cab and taxi service providers all over India however we  provide you with the best Cab and taxi services. You will get the most stunning views of the surrounding scenery and exotic landscapes.Nainital is extremely popular among adventure lovers as the way to Nainital includes the most astounding views.You can easily book your Cab or Taxi services by contacting us on ( ).We Provide all kind of Cabs and Taxi services that includes the luxury as well as the affordable transportation services. 

Our cabs are Ac  fitted (hot and cold) according to the weather.We provide the cleanest Cabs and Taxi services.

With the most advanced technologies to make your journey peaceful,energetic and comfortable.

To book a cab or a Taxi to Nainital call us directly on +918082109970.

Book your Train Ticket To Nainital

You can easily book your Train ticket to Nainital by contacting us on +918082109970.The duration of the train to Nainital from Delhi is almost Nine Hours.You can enjoy the scenic Beauty and enjoy your travel journey comfortably by visiting our website ( ).

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Book your Flight Ticket To Nainital

You can Travel to Nainital by flight .Book your Flight to Nainital here ( flight duration of Nainital from Delhi is almost  one hour.The Flight will drop you at Pantnagar Airport Nainital.

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How To Book A Trip To Nainital online?

It is easy to book a trip to Nainital by just following two simple steps:


Book Nainital Tour Packages

You can easily book Nainital Tour Packages by calling us on+918082109970 or by visiting our website (

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Nainital Tour Packages Booking Contact

Nainital Tour Packages can be Booked at +918082109970 Government approved pricing is applicable.

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Yes,Two days are enough in Nainital.

Both Nainital and Mussoorie are beautiful in their own ways.

Nainital is famous for Naina Devi temple.

In summers: from March to June 

In winters: From October to January.

Nainital is one of the most renowed destinantions however Manali is famous for its snow and snow adventures.

Yes,Obviously Nainital is perfect for family trips.

Yes, It is completely safe to visit Nainital.

Yes,Nainital is safe for girls.

Sattal is best taal in Nainital.

The distance between Manali and Nainital is approximately 831 Km.

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