Sledging In Gulmarg

Sledging In Gulmarg

Gulmarg is one of the mesmerizing places of Jammu and Kashmir. It is a hill station.Gulmarg is a popular tourist destination,well known for its winter adventures.Sledging in Gulmarg offers an breathtaking and exhilarating experience amidst snow-clad mountain peaks.This activity involves riding a sledge on snow covered slopes.Sledding often includes guided tours with the trained instructors.

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Booking a professional sledging experience in Gulmarg can be arranged through local tour and travel companies like Kashmirex.We assure you the packages that often include rental equipment and guidance from experienced instructors, and sometimes transportation to the sledging slopes.

How to Book Sledging In Gulmarg

 It is advisable to book Sledging in Gulmarg in advance during the peak seasons,to ensure availability and seamless experience.

You can easily book your Sledging in Gulmarg by 

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Places Where You Can Do Sledging In Kashmir

Places where you can Do Sledging in Gulmarg
Gulmarg Golf Course
Gulmarg Gondola Cable Car
Baby slopes

Cost of Sledging in Gulmarg?

The cost of Sledging in Kashmir starts from 1000 INR per person. It totally depends upon where you want to travel.

Duration Of Sledging In Gulmarg

Sledging in kashmir is one of the most thrilling experiences.The duration of  in Sledging in kashmir is almost 15-20 minutes to 1 hour or 2 hours depends upon  the  region where you have to visit on sledge.

Best Time to Do Sledging In Kashmir?

The best time and the most favorable time to do Sledging in Gulmarg  is  in winters.From the month of  December to March.The weather conditions are favourable in these months then the rest of months however you still need to check the weather updates before going for Sledging.

What are the timings for Sledging In Kashmir?

You can do Sledgeing in Gulmarg anytime in Gulmarg.Avoid waiting for long queues by booking Sledging In Gulmarg  online here; +918082109970.

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You can easily book Sledging in kashmir by calling us on+918082109970 or by visiting our website (

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Sledging in Kashmir can be booked at +918082109970 Government approved pricing is applicable.

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The cost for sledging in Gulmarg is almost 1000 INR per person.

Yes,you need boots in Gulmarg.

 If you are an adventure lover than Gulmarg maybe perfect for you.

Atleast six people can sit in Gulmarg Gondola.

You should wear warm clothes and a woolen jacket , a cap and some warm shoes In Gulmarg snow.

Yes, Alcohal is allowed in Gulmarg.

You can do sledging anywhere in Gulmarg.

The duration of Sledging in Gulmarg is One hour.

No , you should atleast stay 2 days in Gulmarg.

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